Palm Beach Raceway In Florida

My Friend Robert Cope is an excellent and gifted mechanic. He has numerous cars and vehicles and several are very fast. However this was not his day. He had built his Grand Am from the frame up and put a turbo on the motor. It was and is still a very fast car. On this day the intake on his car separated. I know it did because I saw it at the end of the track. Not that it would have mattered. I raced on my daily driver tires and had to let off of the gas twice and still beat any of his times by almost a second. Listen and watch close and you will see me let off of the gas. At the very end Robert’s wife says the times of our 1/4 mile drag race. I never get tired of watching it 😉

Robert still builds some awesome cars. He has one with a LS motor in the front and back. He also has another 2 engine car I have not seen yet. I can’t wait.

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