Feeding Tarpon In The Keys

In the Florida Keys near channel 5 is a place called Sea Bird Marina. This is a small family owned marina I have been to many times. The boat launch is great. Easy to back up to and easy to pull to parking afterwards. Now that I live in Orlando I no longer get to visit. I miss it.

One day I had a few of my friends there and after we had been fishing John noticed the Tarpon around the boat launch. I asked him to jump in and he was scared to. Funny thing is John is a rather muscular young lad. Anyways then I asked him to feed them by hand and neither he or Robert Cope would do it so I did. This is just a short video of it happening. What you do not see is the cannon ball I did one day into the middle of a large school of Tarpon. That will have to be another story.


This is a video of what it is like on a smooth and boring day out on the ocean. Far to smooth and I caught no fish all day.

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