Palm Beach Raceway In Florida

My Friend Robert Cope is an excellent and gifted mechanic. He has numerous cars and vehicles and several are very fast. However this was not his day. He had built his Grand Am from the frame up and put a turbo on the motor. It was and is still a very fast car. On this […]

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My 600 HP 1976 Corvette

My 1976 Corvette. My wife bought me this car. The loud motor (clanking) was fixed when I upgraded the oil to a racing oil later. The Motor had a roller cam and roller lifters and it just needed zinc in the oil. I miss this car but sold it to a dear friend who has […]

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Feeding Tarpon In The Keys

In the Florida Keys near channel 5 is a place called Sea Bird Marina. This is a small family owned marina I have been to many times. The boat launch is great. Easy to back up to and easy to pull to parking afterwards. Now that I live in Orlando I no longer get to […]

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